Information about Airphalt

AIRphalt® is an innovative, newly developed, reactive-hardening high-performance asphalt for the repair of traffic roads and parking spaces made of concrete or asphalt for all kinds of loads.

  • AIRphalt® is 100% free of solvent and hardens analogous to conventional hot-mix material; it is fully recyclable
  • AIRphalt® hardens very quickly and adheres tightly to existing asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • AIRphalt® also adheres to a moist sub-surface
  • AIRphalt® is very easy to process and can be driven on immediately after installation
  • AIRphalt® has a very high resistance, comparable to conventional hot asphalt
  • AIRphalt® can also be installed at temperatures below 0 °C
  • AIRphalt® is especially suitable for repair of high-stress traffic surfaces



AIRphalt® can be installed by one person under nearly any weather conditions, without the need for large-scale equipment.

AIRphalt® is particularly suitable for:

  • Elimination of impact holes and frost cracks
  • Filling of bore holes after taking of core samples
  • Production of access ramps
  • Leveling of unevenness
  • Filling of small trenches, for example, after pipeline repair
  • Smoothing of road fixtures, such as drainage covers or access covers



Sub-soil:The sub-soil should be firm and free of loose material. The surface should be free of rough contamination or dust, and free of standing water and ice. The repair site should be dry, or can be slightly moist.

Shake AIRphalt directly from the bucket into the repair site, or scatter it with a shovel or trowel from the bucket into the damaged site. Pack the AIRphalt® to conform to the repaired area, and slightly heaped (5 – 10%). Compact the AIRphalt with a suitable tool (stamper, vibrating plate compacter, roller …).



About 25 kg of AIRphalt® is needed per 1 cm thickness and 1 m2 surface area. On uneven subsoil, the quantities consumed may vary slightly. To estimate the quantity of material consumed, see also the AIRphalt® Consumption Table.® Consumption Table.

icon-download Airphalt Consumption Table