The environment at a glance

To help the environment, producing and processing our AIRphalt reactive cold asphalt in a resource-sparing and environmentally-friendly manner is an absolute priority.


Sparing resources and sustainability

Our company has a key role to play in reducing water consumption.

Water-free installation is unique in our innovative product.

AIRphalt reactive cold asphalt reacts without the addition of any water.

This means that all of our clients are also doing their bit to reduce water consumption.
Equally, with this responsible usage, AIRphalt is playing its part in reducing global water footprint.

AIRphalt is totally free of solvents and is produced from 100% recyclable raw materials.
In using renewable resources we have the environment in mind.
Natural, renewable resources help slow climate change and are very important with regard to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

We have managed to minimise the dispersal of pollutants with our environmentally-friendly packing material made from polypropylene. Thanks to the full recyclability of the container we have also established economical usage of raw materials. These materials are used to make new products, wherein the CO2 savings potential is clear.


AIRphalt – „GREEN“ for out future

Reacts without water
100 % solvent free
100 % free from environmentally damaging contaminants
CO2 binding through the use of renewable resources