AIRphalt® is an innovative cold mix for repairs.


AIRphalt® is an innovative, newly developed, reactive-hardening high-performance asphalt for the repair of traffic roads and parking spaces made of concrete or asphalt for all kinds of loads.

  • AIRphalt® is 100% free of solvent and hardens analogous to conventional hot-mix material; it is fully recyclable
  • AIRphalt® hardens very quickly and adheres tightly to existing asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • AIRphalt® also adheres to a moist sub-surface
  • AIRphalt® is very easy to process and can be driven on immediately after installation
  • AIRphalt® has a very high resistance, comparable to conventional hot asphalt
  • AIRphalt® can also be installed at temperatures below 0 °C
  • AIRphalt® is especially suitable for repair of high-stress traffic surfaces